Dr. Augusto Stoffel


Dr. Augusto Stoffel

Institut für Mathematik und Informatik
Walther-Rathenau-Str. 47
17489 Greifswald


Telefon +49 3834 420 4650


I am a postdoc in the group of Konrad Waldorf.  Before that, I was a postdoc at the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in Bonn, where my mentor was Peter Teichner.  I got my Ph.D. in 2016 at the University of Notre Dame under the supervision of Stephan Stolz.

My research is in topological quantum field theory and its relation to algebraic topology.  I am particularly interested in supersymmetric Euclidean field theories and their application to orbifold cohomology, as well as formulations of geometric, fully extended cobordism categories.  More broadly, I am interested in homotopical and higher categorical structures in differential geometry.

Publications and preprints

  • A framework for geometric field theories and their classification in dimension one
    Joint with Matthias Ludewig
    Available at arXiv:2001.05721
  • Supersymmetric field theories from twisted vector bundles
    Communications in Mathematical Physics 367 (2019), 417–453
    arXiv:1801.03016  journal
  • Dimensional reduction and the equivariant Chern character
    Algebraic and Geometric Topology 19-1 (2019), 109–150
    arXiv:1703.00314  journal
  • Supersymmetric quantum field theories and orbifold cohomology
    Ph.D. thesis, University of Notre Dame, April 2016
    Available here