From Analysis to Homotopy Theory

A conference in honor of Ulrich Bunke's 60th birthday

May 13-17, 2024 - Alfried-Krupp Wissenschaftskolleg, Greifswald, Germany


  •  Denis-Charles Cisinski (Universität Regensburg)
  •  Alexander Engel (Universität Greifswald)
  •  David Gepner (Johns Hopkins University)
  •  Fei Han (National University of Singapore)
  •  Daniel Kasprowski (University of Southampton)
  •  Markus Land (LMU München)
  •  Clara Löh (Universität Regensburg)
  •  Matthias Ludewig (Universität Regensburg)
  •  Dmitri Pavlov (Texas Tech University)
  •  Paolo Piazza (Sapienza Universita` di Roma)
  •  Thomas Schick (Universität Göttingen)
  •  Stephan Stolz (University of Notre Dame)
  •  Georg Tamme (Universität Mainz)
  •  Peter Teichner (Max Planck-Institut für Mathematik)
  •  Andreas Thom (TU Dresden)
  •  Charlotte Wahl (Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz Bibliothek, Hannover)
  •  Katrin Wendland (Trinity College Dublin)
  •  Christoph Winges (Universität Regensburg)


Here is a list and a group photo of the participants.


Every hotel in town center of Greifswald is fine.


The fastest way to get to Greifswald is by train from Berlin (2.5h); the nearest airport is Berlin-Brandenburg (BER, 3h). Train connection to Hamburg is also possible (4.5h). Please contact Konrad Waldorf for questions.


Monday, May 13, 2024, 9:00am

Alfried-Krupp Wissenschaftkolleg, Martin-Luther-Straße 14, 17489 Greifswald


Please feel free to download and distribute our poster!


The programme runs from Monday morning until Friday noon. Please have look at the detailed schedule for the main program, at a separate schedule for the gong shows, and at all the titles and abstracts.

Social event

Here is some more information!


Bernd Ammann (webpage / email)

Thomas Nikolaus (webpage / email)

George Raptis (webpage / email)

Konrad Waldorf (webpage / email)