Supervised Theses

PhD Thesis

  1.  Nicolas Wiesecke  (PhD)
    From Homologous Genes to Phylogenetic Species Trees
    (co-supervised with Martin Middendorf)
    01. Sept. 2017

  2. Lydia Ostermeier (PhD)
    (Relaxed) Product Structures of Graphs and Hypergraphs
    (co-supervised with P.F.Stadler)
    13. May 2015

MSc and Diploma Thesis

  1. Carmen Bruckmann (MSc Biomathematics)
    Median graph-Like Relations
    23. Aug. 2019
  2. Carsten Seemann (MSc Mathematics)
    Generalized Fitch Graphs
    24. Aug. 2018
  3. Anne Schütz (MSc Biomathematics)
    Spanning Tree Based Edge-Vitality of Graphs
    20. Aug. 2018
  4. Sebastian Brinkop (MSc Biomathematics)
    Local Factorization Algorithms for Strong Products of Directed Graphs
    28. May 2018
  5. Paul Klemm (MSc Mathematics)
    How Much Information is Provided by Induced P4's for the Characterization of Orthology Data?
    23. Feb. 2018
  6. John Anders (MSc Bioinformatics - Co-supervision with P.F. Stadler)
    Fitch’s Xenology Relation
    26. June 2017
  7. Sebastian Lüersen (MSc Mathematics)
    Approximate Cartesian Products of Digraphs
    26. Aug. 2016
  8. Maria Hartmann (MSc Mathematics)
    Design of Methods to Align NMR-Spectra
    13. June 2016
  9. Kevin Gitzhofer (MSc Bioinformatics)
    Heuristic approaches for the reconstruction of minimally resolved phylogenetic trees
    31. Aug. 2015
  10. Adrian Fritz (MSc Bioinformatics)
    A Heuristic for Cograph-Editing
    30. June 2015
  11. Tilen Marc (MSc Mathematics)
    Infinite median graphs
    15. Aug. 2014
  12. Manuel Noll (MSc Computer Science)
    On Several Strong Hypergraph Products - Existence and Computation of Unique Prime Factor Decomposition
    02. Dec. 2013
  13. Lydia Gringmann (Diplom Mathematics)
    Hypergraph Products
    08. Feb. 2010

BSc Thesis

  1. Mira Michel
    Combinining Orthology- and Fitch-Relations
    21. Aug. 2019
  2. Linda Knüver (BSc BioMathematics)
    Fitch Graphen
    22. March 2018
  3. Lars Berling (BSc BioMathematics)
    A Comparison of Triple Based Heuristics for Supertree Reconstruction
    13. March 2018
  4. Fynn Marlin Leitow (BSc Mathematics)
    Heuristics and Exact Algorithms for the Di-Cograph Editing Problem
    01. Feb. 2018
  5. Casten Seemann (BSc Mathematics)
    Splits and Triples in rooted Trees and the Closure of Representative Triple Sets
    24. March 2017
  6. Felix Becker (BSc Mathematics)
    Efficient Primfactor-Decomposition of Cartesian Product Graphs
    14. Feb. 2017
  7. Anica Hoppe (BSc BioMathematics)
    On the relationship between phylogenetic trees on four leaves and estimated orthology relations
    29. Nov. 2016
  8. Sonja Türpitz (BSc BioMathematics)
    On the reconstruction of slightly disturbed symbolic ultrametrics
    29. Nov. 2016
  9. Jan Oldenburg (BSc Mathematics)
    Protein Design with Machine Learning Methods
    9. Aug 2016
  10. Jannik Luxenburg (BSc Bioinformatics)
    Efficient Generation and Structural Analysis of RNA-Phenotype Spaces
    20. Aug. 2015
  11. Christian Brossette (BSc Bioinformatics)
    Effcient Algorithms for the Densest-k Subgraph problem
    26. June 2014
  12. Kevin Gitzhofer (BSc Bioinformatics)
    New Results in Finding Species Trees
    27. June 2013
  13. Miriam Bah (BSc Bioinformatics)
    Measuring the relevance of topology in networks for finding deregulated subgraphs
    30. Oct. 2012
  14. Sarah Berkemer (BSc Bioinformatics)
    Cograph Editing: An Approach to Adjust the Orthology Relation for the Reconstruction of Phylogenetic Trees
    12. Aug. 2012
  15. Anna Feldmann (BSc Bioinformatics)
    Retrieving optimally discriminative Subnetwork Markers to predict response to Chemotherapy using a Color-coding Technique
    13. April 2012