Philipp Varšo

Address & Contact

Philipp Varšo

Institut für Mathematik und Informatik
Walther-Rathenau-Str. 47
17489 Greifswald

Telefon +49 3834 420 4647

Office hours

Thursday 2 pm - 3 pm, office 4.06, Rathenaustr. 47

or by appointment



  • Diploma thesis in physics "Supersymmetry restoring counterterms at 1-loop order" [only in German] (pdf)

  • Bachelor thesis in mathematics "Differential forms, Theorem of Stokes and their application in electrodynamics" [only in German] (pdf)


  • Stöckinger, D., Varso, P. "FeynArts model file for MSSM transition counterterms from DREG to DRED", Comput.Phys.Commun. 183:422–430 (2011), (project homepage here and arxiv)

Talks & Posters

  • 12.12.2017, Séminaire d’Analyse Fonctionnelle, Laboratoire de Mathématiques de Besançon, talk with topic: "Central Limit Theorem and Universal Products" (pdf)
  • 01.10. - 07.10.2017, International Conference on Infinite Dimensional Analysis, Quantum Probability and Related Topics, Tokyo University of Science, poster presentation with topic: "Central Limit Theorem for General Universal Products" (pdf)


  • An elaboration for a talk, held at a student seminar, which dealt with regular and order bounded operators and prooving the Theorem of Riesz-Kantorovich [only in German] (pdf)