Forschungsseminar Datenanalyse

Veranstalter: Prof. Christoph Bandt

Ort: Mehringstraße 48, Arbeitszimmer Bandt

Zeit: Do 11-13 Uhr

Datum Vortragender Titel des Vortrags
28.02.2014 C. Bandt Order patterns and 1/f-Noise
17.02.2014 M. Vollmer Robust Detection of Heart Beats - Advanced algorithm for ECG and BP channels
14.01.2014 M. Vollmer Robust Detection of Heart Beats in Multimodal Data: the PhysioNet/Computing in Cardiology Challenge 2014, overview and ideas
12.12.2013 M. Vollmer Clustergram and its Application to CSW-Data
10.12.2013 C. Bandt Selbstähnliche Zeitreihen und 1/f-Rauschen
05.11.2013 C. Bandt A model of pink noise
17.06.2013 M. Vollmer Randomized Stepwise Regression and its Application on Sepsis data
16.04.2013 M. Vollmer Variable selection and a modification of the stepwise regression
04.04.2013 M. Vollmer Überlebenszeitanalyse der Sepsis-Daten
25.02.2013 M. Vollmer Generalized Linear Models and it's application to patient data of the SepsisDialog project using MATLAB
23.08.2012 M. Vollmer Real world examples used at Copulae 2012 Conference in Krakow
23.08.2012 S.Frenzel,N.H.Huy Multi-Step Linear Discriminant Analysis for Classification of Event-Related Potentials
16.08.2012 L. T. Kien Simulating the Convergence of Mutual Information Estimations
31.07.2012 S.Frenzel,N.H.Huy Multi-Step Linear Discriminant Analysis for Classi cation of Event-Related Potentials
05.07.2012 M. Vollmer A circular distribution family and tests for independence
28.06.2012 S. Frenzel Out of Memory?
31.05.2012 L. T. Kien k-Nearest Neighbors Estimation
24.05.2012 N.H. Huy Multi-step Linear Discriminant Analysis
24.05.2012 S. Frenzel Eigenvalues of the covariancematrix of EEG-data
03.05.2012 M. Vollmer A Circular Distribution Family/Copula
26.04.2012 N.H. Huy Methodologies for Analysis of Random Matrices's Spectral and LDA' error in High-dimensional setting
12.04.2012 S. Frenzel Separability of Covariance and 2-step LDA of Matrix Speller Data
05.04.2012 C. Gocke Permutation Entropy as a mirror of clinical behaviour
22.02.2012 N.H. Huy Multi-step LDA and Separable Model
08.02.2012 C. Gocke Analysis of epileptic EEG using permutation entropy
08.02.2012 M. Vollmer Copulas: Theory, Results and how to create an own Copula
25.01.2012 M. Vollmer Powerfunctions of Independence Tests using copula based random numbers
18.01.2012 B. Pompe A promising functional for real-world data analysis
11.01.2012 L. T. Kien Entropy estimates with data-dependent partitions
14.12.2011 L. Romoth LDA mit unterschiedlicher Kovarianz
07.12.2011 M. Vollmer GRaP independence test
23.11.2011 S. Frenzel Multistep LDA of stationary processes
16.11.2011 N.H. Huy Multistep linear discriminant analysis
09.11.2011 L.T. Kien Mutual information and VC dimension
19.10.2011 N.H. Huy Multistep linear discriminant analysis
12.10.2011 C. Bandt Linear Discriminant Analysis
04.10.2011 M. Vollmer Workshop and Statistische Woche
16.09.2011 M. Vollmer GRaP independence test
14.09.2011 S. Frenzel Schäfer Strimmer estimators