Mathematics at Greifswald

Mathematics has a long tradition in Greifswald. The most famous mathematician from Greifswald was Felix Hausdorff, who researched and taught here from 1913 to 1921, and was among the founders of the mathematical field of topology.

In the field of mathematics, our institute offers two bachelor's programs and one master's program.

Bachelor of Mathematics

The bachelor's program in mathematics is the entry into classical mathematics studies. In addition to the fundamentals of mathematics, numerous specializations are possible: algebra, geometry, combinatorics, numerical analysis, optimization, topology, statistics, and stochastic processes. Additionally, a non-mathematical minor is included.

For more information, see B.Sc. Mathematics.

Bachelor of Mathematics with Computer Science

The Bachelor's program in Mathematics with Computer Science combines studies in mathematics with elements of computer science.

For more information, see B.Sc. Mathematics with Computer Science.

Master of Mathematics

The master's program in Mathematics is open to graduates of both bachelor's programs. A large portion of our graduates continue their studies and complete it with a master's degree. Naturally, those with bachelor's degrees from other universities can also enter our master's program.

For more information, see M.Sc. Mathematics.