Research group Optimization

The research fields of the group are optimization and inverse problems with a strong focus on various applications from medical imaging and physics. This includes topics from modeling, simulation and reconstruction. A special interest are dynamic inverse problems and online reconstruction from dynamic data.

The core area in medical imaging consists of magnetic particle imaging (MPI). MPI allows the visualization of the concentration of magnetic nanoparticles inside the blood flow without use of any radiation. Because of the high temporal resolution and short measurement times, MPI is promising for dynamic applications such as live instrument tracking or blood flow visualization. Current projects on MPI cover the modelling of dynamic concentration, the formulation of adapted regularization methods and the envelopment of fast reconstruction algorithms. There is a strong collaboration with the Institute for Biomedical Imaging at the University hosptial Hamburg Eppendorf.

Another core area are inverse problems in physical applications. In current projects in collaboration with groups at the DESY Hamburg and the department of physics at the Universität Hamburg are reconstruction methods for different applications are developed. Examples are ptychography and X-ray physics.


Head of the group:
Prof. Dr. Christina Brandt

PhD students (external):
Lena Dunst (DESY)
Ankita Negi (DESY, DASHH)
Lena Westen (Universität Hamburg)



Summer term 2024:

  • Optimierung
  • Inverse Problems: Details can be found on  course webpage


Current research topics:

  • Fast reconstruction methods for dynamic inverse problems
  • Modelling and rekonstruction of time-depeent concentrations in magnetic particle imaging
  • Variational regularization methods for 4D magnetic particle imaging
  • Development of (stochastic) minimization algorithms

More information zu projects, publications, Master and Bachelor theses can be found on  the old homepage or the research group at the Universität Hamburg.