Research Group Theory of Computability over Algebraic Structures

Research Focus

Theory of Computability over Algebraic Structures 

Talks and Conferences

2022  MCU 2022 (Member of the Program Committee), DMV Annual Meeting 2022 (C. Gaßner: Second-Order Logic and Russell's Axiom of Choice) CL 2022  (C. Gaßner: Second-Order Henkin Semantics and the Axiom of Choice)

2021 CSL 2021 (Gaßner, Arno Pauly und Florian Steinberg: Computing Measure as a Primitive Operation in Real Number Computation, Proceedings)

2019 Institut für Philosophie, Greifswald:  C. Gaßner. Das Auswahlaxiom und die Prädikatenlogik zweiter Stufe

2017 Arbeitstreffen 2017  (Slides)

2017 CCA 2017 (Gaßner,  Arno Pauly und Florian Steinberg: Computing measures as a primitive operation, Proceedings)

2016 Colloquium Logicum 2016 (Slides)

2016 Arbeitstreffen 2016  (Slides)

2015 CCC 2015

2015 CCA 2015 (Slides -  A shortened version)

2013 Greifswald 2013 (Habilitation Colloquium)

2012 Arbeitstreffen 2012,   CCA 2012,  CCC 2012, (Slides)

2011 Arbeitstreffen 2011,  CCA 2011  (Slides)

2010 Arbeitstreffen 2010,  Greifswald 2010,  Siegen 2010 (Colloquium), Bonn 2010 (Colloquium)

2009 CCA 2009 (Slides),  CiE 2009 (Slides),  CCC 2009 (Slides)

2008 CCA 2008 (Slides),  CiE 2008 (Slides),  Greifswald 2008 (Colloquium),  Siegen 2008 (Colloquium)

2007... CiE 2007 (Slides),   CiE 2006,   EPIT 2005,   Greifswald 2005 (Colloquium),   Dagstuhl 2004 ...

Organized Scientific Meetings (Arbeitstreffen) and Workshops

Arbeitstreffen 2023  Logic and Gentzen

Arbeitstreffen 2017  Computability and Reducibility

Arbeitstreffen 2016  Computability and the BSS model

Arbeitstreffen 2014  Computability and Logic

Arbeitstreffen 2013  Computability and Logic

Arbeitstreffen 2012  Computability and Logic

Arbeitstreffen 2011  Different models of computation

Arbeitstreffen 2010  Real Computation and BSS Complexity

Special Session 2010  Complexity in Arbitrary Structures

Workshop 2010  Logical Approaches to Barriers in Computing and Complexity at the Alfried Krupp Wissenschaftskolleg (Abstract Booklet, Group Photo. Further Photos: (1), Public Lecture, Thursday, Saturday)

Organized Colloquiums and Other Scientific Talks

July 2023: Michael Rathjen: Unabhängigkeitsbeweise: Gentzen, Goodstein und danach

June 2017: Florian Steinberg. Berechenbare Analysis und Weihrauch-Reduktionen

November 2016 : Rupert Hölzl. Absolutely undecidable sets

August 2016: André Nies. Randomness and quantum computation

August 2013: Xizhong Zheng. On the Computable Curves

July 2013: Robert Rettinger. Komplexitätstheorie in der Analysis

July 2012: Dieter Spreen. An isomorphism theorem for partial numberings

July 2010: Russell Miller. Factoring Polynomials and Finding Roots

Februar 2010: Johann Makowsky. Das Spektrumproblem von H. Scholz und G. Asser: Ein halbes Jahrhundert danach (at the Alfried Krupp Wissenschaftskolleg)

Contact Information

PD Dr. Christine Gaßner

Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science

(Institut für Mathematik und Informatik)

Walther-Rathenau-Straße 47

17489 Greifswald


Phone  +49 3834 420 4610




The Theory of Computability over Algebraic Structures is essentially a branch of mathematical logic which is related to theoretical computer science. It deals with different models of computation, where operations of algebraic structures are permitted, and includes generalizations of the classic recursion theory.